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Cell Dispensing (Cell Printing) using CERTUS FLEX

An enormous trend in drug discovery and diagnostics is the miniaturization of samples and reagents in order to accelerate screenings and save costs. High throughput platforms allow the analysis of large compound libraries. At least half of these HTS applications involve cell-based assays. One novel technology combining high-throughput biological screenings with solution-based synthesis of compound libraries, is the Droplet Microarray (DMA) developed by Aquarray GmbH. Aquarray opens multiplexing opportunities to research areas all the way from basic research, industrial uHTS to clinical applications. In order to dispense organic solvents as well as cells onto these chips, the Certus Flex liquid dispenser presents a perfect match. The Certus Flex is able to handle a broad range of liquids and enables precise and accurate dispensing at volumes below 100nl. During the evaluation of the Certus Flex for cell dispensing Aquarray was able to obtain good cell distribution across the array and normal cell viability and morphology, which indicated that Certus Flex is well suitable for cell dispensing applications.
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