CLEANING STATION for SMLD micro valves

Thanks to our CERTUS FLEX users and their valuable feedback, the highly anticipated new CLEANING STATION is here. At Fritz ...
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CERTUS FLEX: Webinar on December 3rd. 2020

At a time where science can barely keep up with the growing global need, the drive for better, more efficient, ...
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CERTUS FLEX: Webinar on September 09. 2020

In drug discovery & personalized medicine cell screening is central, however current methods still suffer from several limitations. Here we ...
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CERTUS FLEX: Webinar on July 22. 2020

For these past few months, we have all experienced new ways of working and keeping in touch. Thank you to ...
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CERTUS FLEX: in action against COVID-19

Ideal dispenser for PCR, immunoassays and more Thanks to our precise, patented micro valves, the CERTUS FLEX optimizes the dispensing ...
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Boehringer Ingelheim, Germany

‘High Throughput Screening (HTS) is one task of the HTB Group. The establishment of biological test systems (biochemical and cellular ...
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