‘High Throughput Screening (HTS) is one task of the HTB Group. The establishment of biological test systems (biochemical and cellular assays) in micro titer plates in 384 and 1536 well formats is the prerequisite for testing of hundreds of thousands of compounds regarding their interaction with the targets of interest.

Fully automated robotic systems, running 5 days a week, 24 hours a day, are used to test libraries containing more than 1 million compounds. These in-house planned and built robotic systems consist of industrial robots for plate transportation and different devices for liquid handling, incubation, plate reading etc.

For reliable and robust execution of our assays, the quality of individual integrated devices is very important. That is why we rely on robust devices like the CERTUS FLEX.

To enable these HTS campaigns, it is essential to achieve reproducible and accurate results. After years of experience using the CERTUS FLEX, we are convinced of the unique precision of this device, a guarantee for homogenous dispensing of our reagents and AlphaScreen beads.

Other devices on the market using multiple channels for reagent distribution cannot achieve the precision of the CERTUS FLEX.

Further advantages of this device are its enormous flexibility in terms of its accessories; for example, employing syringes for reagent dispensing result in a minimal dead volume and for larger amounts of reagents, vessels or bottles can replace syringes.
In addition, a newly developed 8 channel angled head enables us to dispense into micro titer plates containing adherent cells without any disturbance of the cell layer.
In general, the operation of the CERTUS FLEX is easy and the software is intuitive.

Working together with Gyger, we appreciate their flexibility to further develop and improve the CERTUS FLEX and its accessories together with us.’

CERTUS Flex integrates with a fully automated robotic system

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