The valve selector enables you to quickly select the micro valves that match your specific application. There is a separate product page for each valve configuration, where you can find helpful information in order to facilitate the implementation of the valve into your process.


Each valve can be defined with the help of 7 configuration parameters. The selector shows the valve options that are most suitable, based on the parameters already selected. The variants section explains what exactly each parameter means and what it does. The newly added application parameters (blue box) further facilitate the optimal valve selection.



All valves to which the currently selected configuration parameters apply are displayed using the valve preview. Various important data can be seen at a glance.

  1. Valve type
  2. Valve description
  3. Availability


All important valve information can be found on the product pages of the respective valve configuration. The product data show the configuration parameters at a glance. It is very important to Fritz Gyger AG that you receive your specific valve as soon as possible. That is why we have a large selection of valve types in stock, always ready for dispatch.



Under this category you will find the statistically determined CVs, which describe the repeat accuracy of the valves. Also, the maximum permissible temperatures for the valve and a list of the materials that come into contact with the media can be found there along with a list of dispensable media.
The valve drawing enables quick and easy integration into your target system.
If required, we can also provide you 3D data (step)



Here you will find all parameters relating to fluidics, such as the maximum inlet pressure, which depends on the valve travel. The specified minimum dispensing quantity was determined for all valves with the same parameters in order to create comparability and does not represent the effective limit of the valve. The maximum flow is defined by the inlet pressure and the dosing medium. Water at 1 bar was used as a reference. The specified internal volume represents the “blow-out volume” and not the dead volume. The SMLD valves are traversed completely by the medium to be dispensed, and thus have virtually no dead volume.


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