Micro valve 19578

Product specifications


Description: Micro valve
Part-#: 19578
Type: SMLD 300 H J0.15 T1 M F M5x0.5D
Dimension [mm]: Ø 5.2 x 30.9
Basic type: SMLD 300
Sealing principle: hard sealing
Fixation: M 5 x 0.5 with O-ring seal
Outlet: Jet
Nozzle-ø [mm]: 0.15
Valve travel [mm]: 0.03 (T1)
Inlet: Manifold Ø 1.8
Filter: 17 µm
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Main view

Micro valve 19578

Valve outlet

Valve Inlet

Additional data

Repeat accuracy: < 5 % CV
max. Temperature permanent: 100°C
max. Temperature shortly: 125°C
Materials in contact with medium: Stainless steels: 1.4404, 1.4301, 1.4310, 1.4105 IL / PEEK, sapphire, ruby  
Dispensable media: Gases and liquids


Fluidix Data

max. Pressure [bar]: 40
min. dispensing volume [nl]: 
(water 0.2 bar opening time 400 µs)
max. Flow rate [ml/min.]: 
(water, 1 bar)
Inner volume [µl]: 25

Electrical data

Typical response time: [μs] : 200 - 320
Coil resistance [Ohm]: 11
max. dispensing frequency: up to 4000 Hz
Coil inductance [mH]:
(valve coil mounted on micro valve)


 Valve coil must be ordered separately!


SMLD 300, the smallest

With a minimum grid width of just 4.5 mm (with a special coil package even only 4 mm), the micro valves SMLD 300 are suitable for the tightest of spaces. Low-viscosity media can be dispensed with small flow rates. This type of valve offers a small internal volume of only 25 µl.

Valve coils

The valve coils are removable and available in different versions. They are optimised for very fast actuation times and minimal size.

Valve installation

The thread fastening is designed to allow an easy exchange of the micro valves. especially suited when the micro valves should be as easy to exchange as possible. The micro valve can be exchanged quickly and without dismantling the entire valve holder and without disconnecting the electric connections.

Ideally, this fastening type can be combined with our valve holders. Our valve holder concept covers the needs of a wide variety of applications and will convince you with its easy handling.


Valve construction



1. valve basic type
2. fastening
3. outlet
4. nozzle diameter
5. valve travel
6. valve filter
7. valve inlet
8. valve coil