The Certus Flex is well suited for assay development and enzymology


The CERTUS FLEX liquid dispenser has been thoroughly evaluated by scientists of a Swiss biotechnology and pharmaceutical company for assay development and enzymology. Unlike other dispensers, the CERTUS FLEX allowed them to perform multidimensional experiments with several components in a 1536-well format. The device has proven its precision & accuracy even at low volumes and […]



GrowDex hydrogels are animal free, ready to use matrices for 3D cell culture that mimic the extracellular matrix (ECM) supporting cell growth and differentiation with consistent results. Bridging the gap between in vitro and in vivo studies, GrowDex hydrogels can be used to culture spheroids and organoids, for use in personalised medicine, regenerative medicine, organ-on-a-chip […]

Aquarray GmbH , Germany


Cell Dispensing (Cell Printing) using CERTUS FLEX An enormous trend in drug discovery and diagnostics is the miniaturization of samples and reagents in order to accelerate screenings and save costs. High throughput platforms allow the analysis of large compound libraries. At least half of these HTS applications involve cell-based assays. One novel technology combining high-throughput […]

AstraZeneca, United Kingdom


As part of AstraZeneca’s new global HQ and R&D centre at the Cambridge Biomedical Campus, AstraZeneca’s Centre for Lead Discovery (UKCLD) contains world leading infrastructure for the storage and testing of the our collection of over 2 million compounds. This is the only centre of its type in the UK. Scientists within it perform High […]



Integrated systems for drug discovery Play Video   The CoLAB robotic system can be specifically tailored to meet the requirements of each laboratory. The CERTUS FLEX digital dispenser is the choice of dispenser on this CoLAB Flex HTS platform enabling precise, highly accurate and high speed parallel dispensing from nl to ml. The CERTUS CONTROL […]

Certus Flex Integration in Labcyte Access System


High throughput bulk dispensing alongside the Labcyte Access System Access to Devices : CERTUS FLEX digital dispenser Easily access devices for standalone operation or maintenance. The automated push button docking system allows operators to temporarily undock modules without stopping runs that are in progress. Overview of system devices Example of CERTUS FLEX Integration on Labcyte […]

Pivot Park Screening Centre, Netherlands


At the Pivot Park Screening Centre (PPSC), various liquid dispensers are used in our fully automated uHTS robotic system, as well as in the assay development laboratories, to set up assays. These dispensers are used for the addition of buffers, enzymes, substrates, reference compounds and cell suspensions in 384 and 1536 microtitre plates, also pure […]

Galapagos Belgium


  We are part of the screening team at Galapagos NV. The focus of the company is to identify new molecules with attractive new mode of action against unmet needs diseases.The aim of the team is to support these projects by optimizing and performing biochemical and cellular based assays for SAR support and HTS campaign. […]



CERTUS FLEX TWO NEW TYPE OF ANGLED DISPENSING HEAD AVAILABLE 4 channels = 4 x 22 ° 8 channels = 8 x 22 ° Play Video HIGHLIGHTS Dispensing from syringe and bottles Parallel and single channel dispensing Any channel can dispense in any well Helps to eliminate air bubbles Increases cells viability Compatible with all […]

CERTUS Flex  SLAS 2018

Hans Jansen – Pivot Park Screening Centre   Learn more about how our customers implement our state-of-the-art dispensing equipment by joining Mr. Hans Jansen, Lab Automation Specialist at Pivot Park Screening Centre in our product video. Play Video For more information or a demonstration   Contact us!