Did you ever think of minimizing the commissioning time of your integrated CERTUS FLEX?

WEB CONTROL will help you achieve this goal.

WEB CONTROL offers the possibility to execute commands on the CERTUS FLEX regardless of the physical location. Especially when integrating CERTUS FLEX onto a larger platform, there is a considerable distance between the PC and the device. In this case WEB CONTROL offers the possibility to carry out the commissioning with a mobile device more easily and more quickly directly on the CERTUS FLEX and to call up the most important functions.

The WEB CONTROL software is an extension of CERTUS CONTROL. It is used to execute simple maintenance commands such as flush, prime, purge or switch on/off the air via a web browser. It gives you the choice to select from 3 predefined volumes or entering the volumes directly.

As the web browser is used as a client, the WEB CONTROL user interface is independent of the operating system and can be used on all common mobile devices.

For more details, please feel free to download the WEB CONTROL application note.

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