Micro valves SMLD

Gyger the specialist in nano and microliter dispensing

The unique combination of a sapphire nozzle and ruby sphere makes the micro valves from Fritz Gyger AG true world champions in terms of precision and repeatability. This enables reliable dispensing of liquids and gases.

Valve with coil

Micro valves SMLD

The valve and coil are two separate parts

The actual valve and the coil can be separated from one another. This way, the micro valves can be exchanged quickly and easily, be it for maintenance purposes or changing to a valve type with different dispensing properties. This offers our users and customers maximum flexibility when integrating them into their products.


Flexible configuration options

For the fluid inlet and outlet, we offer a large selection of connection options, which enable even easier integration with minimal engineering effort. The large number of configuration options, such as filters, nozzle diameters and threaded connections, cover the most diverse areas of applications.



From deep sea to outer space

SMLD micro valves are used in a wide variety of applications and environments

The R-GEN platform offer the right combination of printing technologies tailored to individual requirements while ensuring high performance and complete process interaction.
Satellite drive
The fast reaction time of 100 µs and high-pressure capability offered by the Gyger micro valves make them perfect as propulsion for small satellites.
SeeGrip Manipulator System
The goal of the SeeGrip project is the development of an underwater manipulator which is able to perform form- and force closed object manipulation tasks by using tactile sensor arrays and multi-limb end-effectors.
the weather ballon up in the sky.
AirCore samplers have been increasingly used to capture vertical profiles of trace gases reaching from the ground up to about 30 km, in order to validate remote sensing instruments and to investigate transport processes in the stratosphere.
The USNR ID Printer is a high speed printer system used to apply IDs on wood boards for tracking purposes. In this application the microvavles ability to perform at very high frquenciy is crucal to success.


  • Medium: ultrapure water
  • Opening time: 1000 µs
  • Pressure: 0.2 bar
  • Medium: ultrapure water
  • Opening time: 150 µs
  • Pressure: 0.2 bar


Jet dispensing with ultrapure water

The micro valves are used in a wide variety of applications. Here you get a small selection of them.

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