At the Pivot Park Screening Centre (PPSC), various liquid dispensers are used in our fully automated uHTS robotic system, as well as in the assay development laboratories, to set up assays. These dispensers are used for the addition of buffers, enzymes, substrates, reference compounds and cell suspensions in 384 and 1536 microtitre plates, also pure DMSO can be dispensed with the Certus Flex.


In 2015, a wish list of options and possibilities for new dispensers was created to replace a number of dispensers in our automated system. After comparing dispensers from different manufacturers in our lab regarding accuracy, precision, repeatability, dispensing speed, minimum volume, different liquids, dead volume, number of channels, plate formats, plate patterns and the ease of use of the software, the Certus Flex was found to be the best solution.

The Certus Flex dispensers have been used very intensively between 10 and 18 hours a day for two years without any serious problems, apart from the occasional blocked valve. The Certus Flex is also used by our assay developers to set up the various assays, using syringes to add reagents because of the low dead volumes. The willingness of Fritz Gyger AG to respond to special hardware and software requests and offer solutions is also very much appreciated, e.g. the angle head was developed and tested and turned out to be a good alternative for adding reagents to adherent cells.
The customers who visited our laboratory and asked for the Certus Flex dispensers were encouraged to use this device.

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