Fritz Gyger AG goes America!


Fritz Gyger AG goes America! In order to better be of service in the North American market, the owners of Fritz Gyger AG have decided to establish an independent company in the USA. On August, 11th, FutureDrop Inc., based in North Carolina, USA, has been officially registered. The goal of the new company is to […]

CERTUS Magnetic Stirrer System


We are continuously expanding our instruments to the current requirements of our CERTUS FLEX users and are excited to launch another NEW accessory. Fact Sheet Magnetic Stirrer System The CERTUS Magnetic Stirrer System optimises the dispensing of cells, beads and other dissolved particles. With its simple to operate, speed control and reusable high quality borosilicate […]


Did you ever think of minimizing the commissioning time of your integrated CERTUS FLEX? WEB CONTROL will help you achieve this goal. WEB CONTROL offers the possibility to execute commands on the CERTUS FLEX regardless of the physical location. Especially when integrating CERTUS FLEX onto a larger platform, there is a considerable distance between the […]

CLEANING STATION for SMLD micro valves


Thanks to our CERTUS FLEX users and their valuable feedback, the highly anticipated new CLEANING STATION is here. At Fritz Gyger AG we are always keen to listen and take notice of the daily demands and requirements in the laboratory to make life easier. The CLEANING STATION allows a quick and simple way to automatically […]

CERTUS FLEX: Webinar on December 3rd. 2020


At a time where science can barely keep up with the growing global need, the drive for better, more efficient, more capable high throughput screening is greater than ever. Join us this week for a live webinar and discussion on how to get the most out of your HTS platforms using the CERTUS FLEX. Presented […]

CERTUS FLEX: Webinar on September 09. 2020


In drug discovery & personalized medicine cell screening is central, however current methods still suffer from several limitations. Here we present a novel droplet microarray and how it can be processed for cell screening. Join our free webinar to gain insights on precise and accurate cell dispensing onto droplet microarrays. Webinar: “Low volume cell dispensing […]

CERTUS FLEX: Webinar on July 22. 2020


For these past few months, we have all experienced new ways of working and keeping in touch. Thank you to everyone who joined our last CERTUS FLEX LIVE demonstration, don’t worry if you missed it! Due to the high demand and interest we will be hosting another webinar. Don’t miss the next LIVE demonstration webinar […]

CERTUS FLEX: in action against COVID-19


Ideal dispenser for PCR, immunoassays and more Thanks to our precise, patented micro valves, the CERTUS FLEX optimizes the dispensing of your reagents with maximum speed and minimal dead volume. This saves you valuable time, costs and consumables. Due to its flexibility, our unique non-contact dispensing technology offers you many other application options also after […]



CERTUS FLEX TWO NEW TYPE OF ANGLED DISPENSING HEAD AVAILABLE 4 channels = 4 x 22 ° 8 channels = 8 x 22 ° Play Video HIGHLIGHTS Dispensing from syringe and bottles Parallel and single channel dispensing Any channel can dispense in any well Helps to eliminate air bubbles Increases cells viability Compatible with all […]